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Toilet Partition Material Basics


Common and public washrooms are everywhere we go, including restaurants, sporting facilities, gyms, fitness centers and schools.  With thousands perhaps millions of people using public washrooms daily, it is necessary to provide the best quality products to endure years of use.  When designing and planning bathrooms, it’s essential to evaluate how the space will be used, and decide which type of toilet partitions will best suit your needs.  You will want to consider the cost, the layout, esthetic appeal, traffic volume and quantity of moisture that builds up in the room.  It’s necessary to take into account the surface which the partitions will be adhered to. The partitions need to be attached to a solid structure which determines which type of mount or brace device will be needed for support. Look for future articles on the options available for mounting the partitions! 

After doing your research regarding the space where the product is being placed, it becomes time to decide which type of partition will be used to create the best quality washroom for its purpose.  There are many different materials used to fabricate toilet partitions and among them you will be able to choose the best product for your situation.

Powder Coated Steel Partitions

  • Made from galvanized steel sheets which have been cemented and formed while under pressure.  The steel allows for a strong bonding coat of hybrid epoxy finish.
  • Maximum durability.
  • Economical.
  • Easy to clean.  Resists graffiti, corrosion, fading, scuffs and stains.

Plastic Laminate Partitions

  • Made from particle board and finished in a resistant plastic laminate surface. This material allows this partition board to be designed both horizontally and vertically.
  • Wide range of colors to choose from.
  • Low cost option.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Resists corrosion, rust, penetration of dirt and grease.
  • Popular choice for heavy-traffic retail and foodservice washrooms.

Solid Plastic Partitions (HDPE)

  • Made from a polymer, which is composed from extruded polymer resin.
  • Variety of colors and textures to chose from.
  • Medium price option.
  • Ideal for heavily used situations, such as schools, and sports arenas.
  • Resists moisture and steam, making it a practical choice for shower and locker room areas.
  • Easy to clean. Resists moisture, scratches, dents, chipping, rust, oil and bacteria.

Solid Phenolic Core Partitions

  • Made from many layers of decorative papers which are saturated with phenolic resin. This forms the base which is then laminated with heat.
  • Hundreds of colors to choose from.
  • Used in heavy traffic areas, including schools, stadiums and theme parks.
  • Moisture resistant; recommended for areas of high humidity; ideal for shower and locker rooms.
  • Excellent choice for areas with a high incidence of vandalism.
  • Mid to high range cost option.
  • Easy to clean. Resists water, oil, stains and bacteria.

Stainless Steel Partitions

  • Made from type 304 stainless steel which is mounted to a honeycomb core.
  • Finished with a satin or texture finish.
  • Recommended for areas of high humidity.
  • Mid to high range cost option.
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Striking appearance that works with any color scheme.
  • Maintenance is necessary to achieve maximum esthetic appeal.

After the toilet partitions have been researched, planned and the partitions have been installed, a cleaning and maintenance schedule should be established. Regularly cleaned and maintained partitions will aide in their longevity. Always check with the manufacturing guidelines provided by the company. There will most likely be helpful hints on keeping the partitions clean, hygienic and sanitary.
Look for future articles on specific cleaning hints!


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